• Su McFadzean

Nature Magick

* I'll write a little disclaimer here that the words expressed below are just my opinion, but they are certainly something that I think it so incredibly important!

It is my belief through observation of my own life and those around me, that we have become so deeply disconnected with nature. We might look at it, but we don't fully see it, feel it, experience it. We intellectualise it's importance, but we don't feel it's power and energy move through us - feel it's oneness with us, that we are part of it, and it of us. Connected or bound energetically forever in different forms.

We have been trained to seek comfort - always seeking and never embodying what is, experiencing and sitting with that. Stuck in the never-ending cycle of grasping for more - more physical comfort (when it's cold we want warmth, when it's hot we want cool), more money, more work, more busyness, more 'success'.

When I spend time in nature, it becomes quite clear to me that the grasping of these things is really of little importance in the grand scheme of things. I feel with my whole being that the connection to the great energy source is fundamental in finding contentment and freedom from grasping.

When I spend time in nature, I connect to and really viscerally FEEL what is important - and the stuff that is not so important naturally falls away. Every single time I have experienced my greatest moments of clarity is when I have been out in nature, and truth and clarity just come so naturally. When I'm out in nature, I understand on an experiential level that the trees don't care what I look like, but would care if I were a destructive force, killing and cutting them down in order to fulfil the needs of my own grasping for more.

In those moments out in nature, observing the movement of the trees, and the movement of the breath in my own body - it is impossible not to feel connected. That we are intrinsically bound on an energetic level and in this way it is impossible to harm. It is impossible to act with unkindness in the heart. It is really very clear to me that we are only able to cause harm because we have become so disconnected from this one source.

I have a lot to do, to sort through my own things that I grasp at - to break free from a lifetime of habitual patterning - to reconnect to what is important. I really believe that this is all we have, in a world that is quickly being destroyed - money and 'success' will be rendered meaningless.

This is the part of the Yoga practice that I am interested in, I truly believe that when we learn how to truly FEEL our own bodies - how they move, how they feel, how to track our triggers and sit with discomfort, and connect with the more subtle breath and quiet meditation - the more able we are to connect with the oneness of nature. To connect with our true source. It really doesn't matter where you are in your practice, or even what shapes you can or can't make - it is of utmost importance to connect into feeling, and be present with those feelings and sensations every time you step on the mat. To practice on the mat to overcome the grasping for more - better Yoga poses and a better body. That is not what it is about. At least not for me.

There is this aspect of the Yoga industry that makes me feel a little bit yuk, where through our own grasping of success as teachers in a world that is driven by the superficial, I think it can become easy to get lost in our intentions. It is my hope that by taking time to always return to what it is important, to return to nature, that I hold true on the teachings and gifts that connecting to our true source has to offer. Nature is our greatest teacher, even greater than books - when we are able to truly connect and be present - I believe that we can discover for ourselves a wealth of knowledge that we could read in books, but then it is not viscerally felt and fused into our own cell tissue.

When was the last time you truly communed with nature?

Hermanus, Western Cape. South Africa. One of the most beautiful places in the world.


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